Sunday, March 13, 2016

Remember In November and VOTE!

By Robin Wood Stultz, President
West Virginia Federation of Democratic Women

Yesterday was the last day of the Republican led 2016 Legislative Session, thank goodness.

While myself and the women of the West Virginia Federation of Democratic Women are more than ready for it to be over, it’s heart breaking to try and take in all that has unfolded.

We’ve been up against a Republican attack on West Virginia workers and our families since they took the majorities in our State Senate and House of Delegates.  We’ve seen them cut wages, gut jobs and benefits and pass careless legislation that puts our homes and our rights at risk.

Our friends and families in West Virginia have suffered enough.

The GOP’s attack is fueled by discrimination, greedy wage cuts, dangerous workplace safety dismantlement, self-serving politics, and big money favors.

The selfishness of the Republican majorities is not welcome here. Our mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, children and seniors, and families and friends in our beautiful Mountain State deserve better.

What the Republicans have done to our state and her people is unacceptable and tremendously disrespectful of our livelihoods and our West Virginia values.

We have not been silent. Democrats have stood in solidarity to protect our families and friends. We may not have always agreed 100%, but we have fought together.

Even though the session is over, we will not stop the fight because all West Virginians are worth fighting for. You are worth fighting for.  Our fight is just beginning, we have an election in November and we cannot afford for you to stay home. We need your help.

Democrats are who West Virginia families can depend on. We’re whom they can trust and we cannot let them down.

Join Democrats as we stand up for our friends and families in West Virginia. Join us as we fight for their safety, their jobs, their children’s education, the food on their tables and their health care.

Please join us today and work with us to turn West Virginia blue in November, not for politics, but for people. Not only do we deserve better, we deserve more.

We hope to never see this Republican attack on West Virginia workers and families ever again, and we need your help so we don’t.

Let’s remember in November and let’s vote.